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Are your dreams too big?

Have you ever been told your dreams are too big? You’re going to need to change your dreams?

Last week I had a chance to listen to Richard Pimental speak. If you don’t know Richard, there is a movie that his story was featured in called, Music Within. I would highly encouraged to go find it. It’s available streaming. I think it came out 2007. 

But getting back to this dreams and situations and circumstances. Richard corrected that statement by saying this, “You need to get your circumstances to fit your dreams.” 

How many of you are allowing the circumstances you’re in to make your dreams smaller? In the disability services field we’re trying to get everything to fit into a nice neat box. 

And another thing Richard said this morning is he talked about a book that existed around 1969. 

In which, there was a big long list of disabilities and then there were the corresponding jobs that someone with that disability could do. In other words, if you don’t line up with this job over here and you have this disability, you can’t work. 

Thank God we have come a long way from 1969 and we have a long way to go, but the question I have for you is, “Are you trying to make your dreams fit your circumstances or you trying to make your circumstances fit your dreams?”

I want you to dream big and want those around you to dream big, as well. Have a great week! 


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