Communication is Key!

Since the dawn of time, communication has been identified as a complex process prone to errors, oversights, and misunderstandings. A number of clients leave home care companies each year due to poor communication or a complete lack thereof. Common [...]

Mobility Issues in the Senior Community

Mobility problems in older adults may be attributed to several common conditions: muscle weakness, joint problems, pain, disease, and neurological difficulties. At times, several mild problems occur at once and combine to affect mobility more seriously. There are many [...]

Hearing Loss in Aging Adults

One in 3 adults over age 65 has hearing loss. It is potentially the most common problem associated with aging. Older people who can’t hear well become depressed, or they may withdraw from others because they feel frustrated or embarrassed [...]

Statewide Expansion for the STAR Center

Since their humble beginnings in borrowed space, located in the basement of West Jackson Elementary School,The STAR Center has been on a mission. That mission is to help any person with any disability realize theirpotential. This has enabled them [...]

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