Local Trailblazer Shines Light On Disability Advocacy and Inclusion in the Workplace

Edward Mitchell made a lasting impression when he landed his first job at Little Caesars Pizza. As a teenager, Mitchell’s natural charisma, determination, outstanding work ethic, and exceptional character shined through. “Edward is and always has been an inspiration,” said Kevin Colbert, the Jackson-based Little Caesars franchise owner, who knew immediately during the job interview […]

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(W)Air Your Crazy Laundry!

This Sunday (and every 3.21 after it) is a day my laundry pile probably prepares for all year. On this day, I personally will find my craziest socks that probably do not even match one another to recognize those I know with an extra (meaning they have 3 instead of 2) 21st chromosomes. These are […]

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When the Elevator Door Opens…

Elevator rides can be awkward. You press the button and you wait for the door to open. You have no clue what you may be walking into and for how long you will be in a tight space with random people. Let’s just say it, this is even more uncomfortable during a pandemic when distancing […]

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