Common Misconceptions: What does The STAR Center actually do for clients?

Founded in 1988, the STAR Center provides services to people with disabilities of all ages and needs. Services for education, employment, and independence for all ages and needs are provided in West Tennessee and beyond. The STAR Center is able to help a child learn to communicate, help a person get their first job, and help the elderly stay comfortably in their homes. “We are dedicated to helping people with disabilities make their dreams a reality. Our vision is one of constant improvement, always keeping in mind that we exist to help others. We are driven to find ways to better our services, our technology, and our people and expand to where there is a need.”

Commonly, The STAR Center is confused with the Dream Center and/or STAR Physical Therapy.
Also located in Jackson, TN, the Dream Center specializes in housing families and individuals who have experienced crisis in their lives such as loss of employment, housing, or other life-controlling problems that rendered them homeless. They further assist individuals with financial recovery, offering classes, and more. As stated on their website: “It is our goal to prepare families and individuals to become financially strong, emotionally balanced and self efficient in every way.”

We here at the STAR Center also share our name with STAR Physical Therapy. As the name implies, STAR PT provides a variety of physical rehabilitative services: occupational therapy, sports medicine, cancer care, work conditioning, and other specialty services to facilitate proper body mechanics and restore functionality.

All three establishments are dedicated to those in various stages of life and areas of need. After this brief, condensed explanation, we hope you are better able to discern which is right for you!

About the Author : Bethany Burnett

NOTE: This person is a past employee or intern of the STAR Center. Their name and authorship is preserved for posterity.

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