#LincolnReads Lincoln Reads with the STAR Center

The Star Center is continuing its partnership with Lincoln Elementary School through the “Lincoln Reads” program to provide supplemental literacy supports for children who are reading behind grade level. More than 40 children will participate in Lincoln Reads over the next year at no cost to the student or the school system. These children will meet 2-3 times per week with the Star Center’s learning specialists on the school’s campus and receive tailored literacy interventions. Lincoln Reads is a donor funded program that works alongside Lincoln Elementary teachers to support the overall reading and literacy instruction offered at the school.

The Need

Lincoln Elementary is part of the Jackson Madison County School System (JMCSS) and serves over 300 kindergarten to 5th graders at its East Jackson location. According to last year’s AIMSWeb scores, 70% of the students at Lincoln read below proficient in their grade level. Reading levels in elementary school are crucial, with some studies showing that 3rd graders reading below grade level are 6 times more likely to drop out of high school. Ladonna Braswell has been appointed principal, and will continue the work of improving the overall academic performance of the student body.

The Goals

With over 28 years of institutional experience in reading and literacy supports, the Star Center is able to help any child reach their academic goals. The Star Center’s learning specialists will spend time with more than 40 students 2-3 times a week to supplement the school’s existing literacy efforts. Using grade appropriate literacy software and highly experienced learning specialists, the goal is to bring children up to grade level on reading skills.

Moving Forward

In the 2015-2016 school year, the Star Center provided 81 students weekly reading interventions with a Learning Specialist. 71% of these students increased their reading level in the first year of Lincoln Reads. Of that group, 35 students exceeded their target growth goals. In its second year, Lincoln Reads is focusing efforts on second and third grade students. These students will receive multiple interventions per week, which will lead to even greater growth in the students served.

How to Help a Child

The Lincoln Reads program is 100% donor funded and every donation helps! The total cost for more than 40 children to receive supplemental literacy supports is $40,000.

We have already had a generous donor provide a dollar-for-dollar matching donation up to $20,000! This means that every dollar that you donate to scholarship a child will be matched! So your $25, $50, or $100 donation has double the impact. You can donate securely online or call David Knack at the Star Center 731-554-5173. Please consider giving one of the following scholarships!

$48 per month –  One child for one year of literacy support paid over 12 months.

$70 –  One child for one month of literacy support.

$285 – One child for one semester of literacy support.

$575 – One child for one year of literacy support.