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If you are looking for information on the 2019 SCALE Summer Camp, please visit our page at https://star-center.org/SCALECAMP

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October 20th All-School Age Children Thursdays, 4-5pm $100 per month Sensory Community Attention Language Education SCALE Groups use a multidisciplinary approach which addresses essential themes for social and cognitive development in weekly peer groups. For more information or for an application, please email therapies@star-center.org

SCALE Groups

SCALE groups are weekly peer groups for school-aged individuals with any disability. Students will work with art therapists, music therapists, and other professionals from STAR in a sensory-friendly environment. Goals addressed include:

    • Attention, Language, and Education
    • Relationships with Friends and Family
    • Independent Daily Living
    • Safety at Home, School, and in Public
    • Appropriate Self-Expression

SCALE: Sensory, Community, Attention, Language, Education


If you have any questions, feel free to use the form on the right, send an e-mail to therapies@star-center.org, or call 731-668-3888 during our normal business hours.

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